News and Announcements:
by Brian
on Sep 6, 2014

Wondering what Raygun Rocketship looks like? We have some early Alpha game play footage from our booth at Sac Anime, Summer 2014. Please keep in mind, this is early Alpha. The game will change and improve as development continues. So stay...

by Brian
on Jul 8, 2014

What does one wear when saving a 1950's, futuristic universe from an alien infestation? Our goal with the pilot costumes in Raygun Rocketship was to bridge the gap between World War II aviators and classic Sci Fi rocket pilot gear from the 1950's...

by Brian
on Jun 1, 2014

In anticipation of releasing a playable demo for Sac Anime, the art team has been busy working on a second planet for our game Raygun Rocketship. This is just a basic concept, but it should give a good idea of what the finished level might look...