A More Interactive Website

This website has gone through a lot of changes since its launch in October of 2011. Originally, the site existed purely as a portal for our Dawnshine IP. As we've moved to work on multiple game projects at once, the site changed to reflect that and will continue to move in that direction. In addition to doing more to show off our games, you might start to notice more and more changes to the site. In addition to trying to give out more information about the games we're working on, we will be working on making the site more interactive. In the near future, we'll be adding the ability for visitors to the site to be able to give feedback directly. As the site gets more traffic, we'll be increasing these features.

In addition to a more interactive website, Stigma Games will be attending more events. This will give us the ability to interact with the gamer community directly in person. As we highly value feedback, this will help us to make sure that the content we produce is translating well to our audience. Stay tuned for more and the site grows.


Sun, 2014-08-24 00:50

cant wait to see you guys at sac anime!

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