Elemental Lords Development Update

Hello from everybody here at Stigma Games!

Work on Elemental Lords has been progressing nicely. We're looking forward to making some announcements in the coming days and we're just waiting to hear from some of our collaborators.

Stigma Games is dedicated to creating experiences with rich backstories, and Elemental Lords is a prime example of that. In the past couple weeks, we've been implementing terminology that fits within the mythical theme of the game. For example, in Pong or Breakout, you have the ball bouncing around the screen. In our game, we decided to call it an "orb." It just sounds a lot more epic that way, don't you think?

Another important process was naming the special abilities the characters use in the game. The objective was to come up with words that sounded appropriately awesome and yet were easy to say. Influence was taken from the fighting game scene as we constantly attempted to visualize how our lexicon would sound if said by an e-sports announcer.

All of the characters in Elemental Lords are magical, so referring to 'skills' as 'spells' was an easy one. But each Lord has three types of spells and coming up with the right terms for them actually took quite a bit of effort! It was a really interesting exercise, though, so if you're interested in learning more about the process, look forward to a future development blog!

We're getting closer and closer to releasing this amazing game. For now, we're applying all the bells and whistles that will make Elemental Lords something Stigma can be proud of!

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