Early Concepts of the Lords

We've mentioned Elemental Lords in the Developers' Blogs. We're almost ready to start showing off game play. But first, let's talk a little bit about what Elemental Lords is. Take the classic single player game: Break Out, and make it 4 player. Each player controls one of the Lords of the Four Elements. The objective is to stay alive while fireballs, ice balls, earth balls, air balls, and death balls are bouncing around the screen. Get hit by any elemental ball outside the one element you control, and your lord dies.

Ok, no, the game isn't actually out yet. One of our artists had some fun with Photoshop.

Luckily, you have a paddle to block enemy balls and a wall of bricks to take some hits. If that wasn't enough, each Lord has their own elemental spells to make things more interesting. We'll be showing some screen shots soon. In the meantime, this is some early concept art of the 4 lords.

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