A Call for Voice Actors

UPDATE: We closed submissions on April 3rd, 2015. Thanks to everyone that submitted.

Stigma Games, a local Sacramento based video game company, is looking for four voice actors for our first game release, Elemental Lords. Elemental Lords is a spin off on an old classic game first introduced on the Atari 2600 called Warlords. Sort of like four player Pong, each Lord and Lady must defend their castle with only a paddle and a small array of elemental spells. During the course of the game, the characters taunt, insult, and brag, adding a wealth of personality to an otherwise simple game.

Meet the characters:

The Lady of Fire

The Lady of Fire, Ascenti is a youthful, playful character, as equally powerful and reckless as the element she wields. She loves to tease Mugruk about his age. She sometimes uses Ilyr as her comedic partner in crime. Theola is the pooper to her party.

The Lord of Air

The Lord of Air, master of the wind and all things unseen, Ilyr is a trickster character. He thinks of himself as faster than the others, especially Mugruk. As he looms above the others in the sky, reveling over those that could never catch him.

The Lord of Earth

The Lord of Earth, older than the mountains, Mugruk is a timeless sentinel. Humorless and persistently grumpy, he knows there’s nothing he can’t endure. Mugruk is more friendly with Theola, but sees the others as reckless, immature, and naive.

The Lady of Water

The Lady of Water, Queen of the vast and endless sea, Theola is nearly as old as Mugruk, though not nearly as grumpy. She knows that water can extinguish flame, rain can blanket the sky, and river can cut through the hardest of bedrock. Water can freeze into ice hard as any stone of fluffy clouds too ephemeral to hold. Her insights give her great wisdom.

As we are an unfunded company built by volunteers, this is not a paying position, but all voice actors will be fully credited. We would like to back pay voice actors assuming the game is a success, but again, this being our first release, this might not hit the numbers a similar game might have from a more recognized studio.

All voice actors must be local to the Sacramento area and be able to record at Pinnacle College in Rancho Cordova on the same day (TBA) with everyone else. We get tons of voice actors from outside the area that contact us offering to use their own equipment and email it in. Though we might still be open to that for other projects, we really want voice actors to be able to record with each other in person and play off each other.

To be considered, please record yourself (the audio quality isn't important) reading three lines from the character you wish to audition as:


[Ascenti and Ilyr left. Ascenti is winning]: “Just you and me. I’m going to enjoy this!”
[Ascenti and Theola left. Theola is winning]: “Laugh now, but your base is melting.”
[Ascenti defeats an opponent]: “Haha, burn, burn!”


[All four Lords present. Ilyr is losing]: “About to get my second wind!”
[Ilyr defeats Theola]: “Theola, you didn't think you could catch the wind, did you?”
[Ilyr defeats an opponent]: “Didn't see that coming, did you?”


[Player selects Mugruk]: “I’m too old for this.”
[All for Lords present. Mugruk is losing]: “I've survived worse than all of you.”
[Mugruk defeats Theola]: “I’m the rock for which your waves break.”


[Player selects Theola]: “You've made a wise decision.”
[Theola casts a directional spell]: “Feel the chill of winter!”
[Theola defeats Mugruk]: “Doesn't look like you’re going to win this time, old friend.”

Email submissions to brian at stigmagames dot com


Tue, 2015-03-24 19:36

I can make alot of weird voices when do we need to submit?
Tue, 2015-03-24 22:01

I'm hoping we can finalize our list in the next few weeks, so anytime in the next week or so should be fine.
Wed, 2015-03-25 17:22

Hi! My name's Nicholas Cannan and I'm interested in auditioning for both of your male characters, Ilyr and Mugruk. May I do both or should I keep it to only one?
Thu, 2015-03-26 20:48

Hi Nicholas, feel free to do both. Most of our submissions have been from people tackling two characters.
Sat, 2015-03-28 08:18

We'd like to thank the community for such a great response to this call. We're officially setting Friday, April 3rd at midnight Pacific time a close to submissions.
Sat, 2015-04-04 14:28

We received around 40-50 auditions in total. We'll be spending the next several days going through them. Thanks to everyone that submitted.

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