About Stigma Games

Stigma Games was founded in October of 2011 in Sacramento, California. As an unfunded game studio in a city lacking a strong game development community, Stigma Games has faced enormous challenges. The young team of about 20 artists and developers started production on Dawnshine, an MMORPG, in January of 2012. Just as many young companies start off trying to tackle an MMO, only to retreat to something smaller, the company did a major pivot towards smaller game development in February of 2013. Today, Stigma Games juggles multiple projects.

While all small game studios also aspire to be the next huge studio promising high quality games that they lack the resources and experience to make, there's one thing that sets us apart. We see games as an interactive way to tell stories. As such, we strive to create strong characters that pull a player with them, delving deep into immersive worlds. You'll see this trend in our games that would otherwise fit in genres where story is typically absent.

During the course of our growth, we've stayed committed to the Sacramento area and actively contribute to the nurturing of the growing local game development community. Many game related colleges in the area have set up internship programs with Stigma Games. Want to get involved? We might just be looking for someone like you.